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Service Pack for Sigmatherm 1/2" Thermostatic Shower Valve (Older Version)

  • $475.00

Your premium thermostatic shower system contains a sophisticated thermostatic cartridge and components that over time experience wear and tear, corrosion, and build up of mineral deposits which impair their proper functioning.

To ensure continued safe and enjoyable use of your thermostatic shower system, we recommend servicing it about every 15 years. You should replace the thermostatic cartridge, volume control cartridges, and check valves.

Items Included

  • One Eurotherm® 1/2" Full-Flow Thermostatic Cartridge 18.30.082
  • One 1/2" German Volume Control Cartridge 18.30.036
  • Shut-Off Cartridge 20 Point Red and Shut-Off Cartridge 20 Point Blue

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