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Tempress Valve: Setting Cartridge Mechanical Stop and Hot Water Limit Stop

This valve has an upper temperature limit stop, which can allow desired and safe hot water temperature. The recommended maximum is 110°F.

After replacing the Pressure Balance Cartridge, it is important to:

  • Properly install the Cartridge Mechanical Stop, so the cartridge stem does turn too far and thereby strip the gears within the cartridge.
  • Properly install the Hot Water Limit Stop, to protect the bather from excessively hot water.

1. Rotate Stem of cartridge fully clockwise ↻

  • Install the pressure balance cartridge and valve cover.
  • Close the valve by turning the cartridge stem clockwise ↻ 
until it stops. Do do not forcefully rotate the stem.

2. Install Cartridge Mechanical Stop, to prevent the cartridge stem from turning too far and stripping the gears within the cartridge

  • Place the Mechanical Stop onto the stem of the cartridge so it is against the Stop Block.
  • Turn on the water to the shower. (If the shower valve has left and right service stop valves, fully open them.)

3. Rotate Stem of cartridge counterclockwise ↺ to desired maximum water temperature.

  • Rotate the Stem of the cartridge counterclockwise ↺ to the desired maximum water temperature.

4. Install Hot Water Limit Stop, to protect the bather from excessively hot water

  • Place the Limit Stop on the cartridge stem so it against the Stop Block.
  • The Limit Stop hits the Stop Block at the highest desired water temperature (the recommended maximum is 110°F).