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Tempress Parts Replacement Instructions

1. Remove Stem Extensions

  • If valve body has service stop valves, close them. Otherwise, turn water off to shower by turning off main water valve.
  • Remove Stem Extension and Locking Nut.
  • Note position of Mechanical Stops. Thick mechanical stop limits cold temperature; thin mechanical stop limits hot temperature.
  • Remove Mechanical Stops below the cap nut in the center of the valve.

2. Remove Valve Cover

  • Unscrew the four corner screws.
  • Remove the Valve Cover with the O-Ring.

3. Remove Existing Cartridge

  • Pull on the tip of Cartridge while slightly giggling it, and remove the existing Cartridge.

4. Replace Valve Filters

  • Remove existing Valve Filters:
    • Slide a fingernail between an outer corner of the filter.
    • Insert a paper clip between your fingernail and the valve body, then wiggle the paper clip to slowly pry and separate the filter from the valve body.
  • Clean the Valve Cavity.
  • Insert the new Valve Filters:
    • Insert each filter into the hole on the side of the valve body so that the beveled edge of the filter is toward the valve body opening.

5. Install New Cartridge

  • Note H (Hot) and C (Cold) marks on sides of cartridge
  • Make sure O-Rings on both sides of cartridge are lubricated and in place
  • Inset new Cartridge into valve body. The two Alignment Pins located on the rear of the cartridge must fit in the Locating Holes in the valve body.
  • Make sure Cartridge goes in straight and O-Rings on sides do not shift

6. Replace Valve Cover O-Ring

  • Remove old O-Ring.
  • Clean the area.
  • Lubricate the new O-Ring with silicone-based plumber's grease.
  • Insert the new O-Ring.

7. Install Valve Cover

  • Position Valve Cover with Stop Post facing down.
  • Do not pinch large O-Ring inside of Valve Cover
  • Valve Cover should fit in with minimum force.

8. Tighten Valve Cover Screws

  • Lightly tighten the Cover Screws, alternating diagonally. Then tighten them firmly, alternating diagonally.

⚠️ Install Two Mechanical Stops: Install Cartridge Mechanical Stop so cartridge stem does turn too far to right and strips gears within cartridge. Install Hot Water Limit Stop, to protect bather from excessively hot water.

💡Lubricate O-Rings: Use silicone-based plumber’s grease to lubricate rubber O-Rings, to facilitate installation, provide water-tight seal, and preserve the rubber.