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Parts for Sigma 620 Series Lavatory Set with Moderne Handle

SIGMA 620 Series Lavatory Set with Moderne Handle


Parts Diagram

Printable Parts List


  1. Use the Parts Diagram above to identify the replacement part that you need.
  2. In the Replacement Parts section below, click the link to the part.
  3. If the part that you need is not listed as a clickable link, then email us at with the name and number of the part that you need.

Replacement Parts


1/2" Quarter Turn Cold Cartridge 18.30.029

1/2" Quarter Turn Hot Cartridge 18.30.030

Bundle of 1/2" Quarter Turn Cold and Hot Cartridges 18.30.029 and 18.30.030

Finding Parts

We can help you find the parts that you need. Please click to call or email us.

Email us a description of your issue, the model name and number of the faucet and part, age of the faucet, and photos of the faucet and part. We will research which parts you need and reply.