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Eurotherm 3/4" Thermostatic Cartridge TX1 or TX2 REN 18.30.147

  • $975.00

Product 18.30.147, Model TX2, Model TX2 REN, Model TX1, Model TX1 REN, 8203 WW, 8203.USA, TX1 REN, Waterworks 29-99396-53953 Thermostatic Cartridge, TX 8213WW, Waterworks 26-42456-04860 Thermostatic Valve, Herbeau 930030, Herbeau 93003156

This world-class, high-flow, OEM Eurotherm thermostatic cartridge dynamically mixes hot and cold water to maintain the set water temperature. It also prevents very hot water to avoid scalding your skin.

Eurotherm invented the thermostatic cartridge in 1945. The Eurotherm brand of thermostatic valves have been in use worldwide for over 75 years.

This replacement thermostatic cartridge also fits the Waterworks Opus 3/4" thermostatic valve GUSV45R.

Life Span

This Thermostatic Cartridge has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Over time, wear and tear, plus the accumulation of limescale from precipitated hard water minerals in the water, cause parts to break, leak, or fail. To ensure continued safe and enjoyable use of your shower system, the manufacturer recommends servicing it about every 15+ years by replacing the Thermostatic Cartridge.


  • World class thermostatic cartridge by Eurotherm of France (since 1945)
  • Solid brass construction
  • Engineered to deliver the highest flow rate in the industry
  • Two built-in check valves.
  • This Bi-Metallic thermostatic cartridge has the fastest response time: plus or minus 1 second and 1°F. (The distance between the shower head and the valve determines how quickly a temperature change is felt.)


  • Thermostatic cartridge with brass cover plate and integrated check valves
  • Two cover screws

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